The Brady Bunch

Widower Mike Brady and divorcee Carol Martin marry. Each has three children from their previous marriage. Conflict inevitably results as the children and parents learn to come together as a blended family.

Broadcast History

Network: ABC
Broadcast: 1969-1974

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Actor Character
Robert ReedMike Brady
Florence HendersonCarol Brady
Ann B. DavisAlice Nelson
Maureen McCormickMarcia Brady
Eve PlumbJan Brady
Susan OlsenCindy Brady
Barry WilliamsGreg Brady
Christopher KnightPeter Brady
Mike LookinlandBobby Brady

Regulars & Guest Stars

Actor Character
Allan MelvinSam Franklin
Robbie RistOliver

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There were 5 seasons and 117 episodes of The Brady Bunch. We have not completed an episode guide for The Brady Bunch yet.