The Big Valley

The Big Valley

Set in the 1870’s, the Big Valley follows the adventures of Victoria Barkley and her family on their ranch in the San Joaquin Valley of California.

Network: ABC
Broadcast: 1965-1969

Broadcast History

We don’t have a broadcast history for this show yet.


Barbara StanwyckVictoria Barkley
Richard LongJarrod Barkley
Peter BreckNick Barkley
Lee MajorsHeath Barkley
Linda EvansAudra Barkley

Regulars & Guest Stars

Napoleon WhitingSilas
Douglas KennedySheriff Fred Madden / Alexander Morrison / Mc Coll

Theme Song / Opening Credits


There were 4 seasons and 112 episodes of The Big Valley. We have not completed an episode guide for this show yet.


Peter Breck could draw a gun incredibly fast. “Wildest Westerns Magazine” stated that he could draw his gun in 16/100 of a second. That made the character of Nick Barkley the fastest draw in television history.

Of all the Barkleys, Victoria was the only one to never be shot during the run of the show. Heath was shot the most, followed by Nick, who was shot twice in one episode.

The Big Valley was the only western series to focus on a strong female lead.

The jailhouse set was the same one used on Gunsmoke.


Heath: Boy Howdy! I’ve got blisters in places I didn’t even know I had places.

Victoria Barkley: When Nick is pushed, he pushes back with everything he has.


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