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The Robinson family and pilot Major West, along with their Robot and reluctant stowaway, saboteur, and troublemaker extraordinaire Dr. Zachary Smith, brave aliens, monsters, and dangers after they’re lost in space. The series started off on a serious note as straight science fiction, but to compete with Batman, the show strayed into camp and fantasy. This made it an incredibly quirky show as a whole.

Broadcast History

Network: CBS
Broadcast: 1965-1968
Sep 1965-Sep 1968, Wed 7:30-8:30pm

Lost In Space Cast

Jonathan Harris...Dr. Zachary Smith / Daddy Zach / Zeno

Guy Williams...Professor John Robinson

June Lockhart...Maureen Robinson

Mark Goddard...Major Don West

Marta Kristen...Judy Robinson

Angela Cartwright...Penny Robinson

Bill Mumy...Will Robinson

Dick Tufeld...Voice of the Robot

Bob May...Robot (Costume)

Regulars & Guest Stars

Fritz Feld...Zumdish

Dee Hartford...Verda / Nancy Pi Squared

Sheila Allen...Ruth Templeton / Brynhilda / Aunt Gamma

Lost In Space Opening Credits / Theme Song

Lost In Space Episodes

There were 3 seasons and 84 episodes of Lost In Space. Check out the Lost In Space Episode Guide.

Lost In Space Trivia

June Lockhart often drove her 1913 fire truck to the 20th Century Fox Lot.

Jonathan Harris rewrote most of his dialog and came up with all the insults to the Robot himself.

Jonathan Harris was the first actor to ever receive a Special Guest Star credit on TV. He came up with the idea, since billing had already been set before he was hired onboard.

There were two pilots filmed. “No Place to Hide” did not have Dr. Smith or the Robot. Network executives wanted an antagonist, so Dr. Smith was added and a second pilot, “The Reluctant Stowaway”, was created blending new footage with existing footage from the first pilot.

The Burroughs B-205 is the computer with the blinking lights seen on the show and many other shows of the 1960’s such as Batman, The Green Hornet, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, The Time Tunnel, Hogan’s Heroes, and more.

There were two Robots made for the show. Each one weighed 200 pounds and cost $75,000 to produce.

Among the actors considered for the part of Dr. Zachary Smith were Jack Elam, Victor Buono, and Carroll O’Connor.

Lost In Space Quotes

Dr. Zachary Smith: Never fear, Smith is here.

Robot: Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

Dr. Smith: Oh, the pain, the pain.

Dr. Smith: [thinking he's in Hell] Good Heavens!
Morbus: Guess again.

Dr. Smith: Silence, you ninny.

IDAK Alpha 12: Crush! Kill! Destroy!

Robot: Danger, Will Robinson! Danger!

Lost In Space Web Sites

Lost In Space Forum ( Forum ) - Connect with fans of Lost In Space in the Lost In Space forum.

Lost In Space Forever ( Fan Site) - A fan site dedicated to the classic Lost In Space tv show.


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