It Takes A Thief

“It Takes a Thief” was a popular television show that aired in the 1960s. The series revolved around the character of Alexander Mundy, portrayed by Robert Wagner, who was a skilled and charismatic thief. Mundy, known for his wit and charm, was approached by the U.S. government to use his talents for a noble cause.

In each episode, Mundy was recruited by the SIA (Secret Intelligence Agency) and given the task of stealing valuable and classified items from various adversaries, including foreign governments and criminal organizations. The SIA offered Mundy a deal: if he completed the missions successfully, they would clear his criminal record.

Mundy's missions often involved high-stakes heists, complex security systems, and encounters with dangerous individuals. He utilized his expertise in breaking into impenetrable places and his ability to think on his feet to outsmart his opponents. Despite his questionable background, Mundy had a strong sense of justice, which made him a sympathetic and likable protagonist.

Throughout the series, Mundy formed a close partnership with Noah Bain, played by Malachi Throne, who acted as his handler and provided him with crucial information and support during his missions. Their banter and camaraderie added an extra layer of entertainment to the show.

“It Takes a Thief” captivated audiences with its mix of action, adventure, and clever storytelling. The show lasted for three seasons, from 1968 to 1970, and became a cult classic, showcasing the suave and daring exploits of a reformed thief turned secret agent.

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Network: ABC
Broadcast: 1968-1970

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