She's The Sheriff

She’s The Sheriff

Set in a picturesque town nestled near Lake Tahoe, “She’s the Sheriff” follows the life of Hildy Granger. Following her husband’s passing, Hildy assumes his mantle as the town’s Sheriff, tasked with maintaining law and order. Amidst her duties, she navigates the challenges of single-handedly raising her two children. Adding to the mix is Deputy Max, who harbors resentment for being overlooked for the Sheriff position and continually seeks to outshine Hildy.
First Broadcast: September 19, 1987
Last Broadcast: April 1, 1989

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She's The Sheriff Cast

Character# of Episodes
Suzanne SomersSheriff Hildy Granger44
George WynerDeputy Max Rubin45
Pat CarrollGussie Holt45
Lou RichardsDeputy Dennis Putnam45
Taliesin JaffeKenny Granger45
Nicky RoseAlison Granger45
Guich KoockDeputy Hugh Mulcahy45
Leonard LightfootDeputy Alvin Wiggins45

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There were 2 seasons and 45 episodes of She’s the Sheriff. We have not completed an episode guide for She’s the Sheriff yet.


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  • Priscilla Barnes was supposed to star in the show but was replaced by Suzanne Somers. Priscilla had replaced Suzanne on Three’s Company when she left.
  • The show was originally based off a pilot titled “Cass Malloy”. Annie Potts was originally cast as the main character but was replaced by Caroline McWilliams. The series was not picked up at the time.


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