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The purpose of this site is to provide a community for fans to read about and discuss their favorite tv shows and actors. To keep your experience here pleasant, we have a few simple rules we would like everyone to follow.


1. If you are here only to draw attention to your own site and have no intention of participating in discussion, forget it. The forums are for discussion of the shows and actors, not pimping your own site. You can submit your site to our directory and we'll review your site for possible inclusion, but please don't promote your site on our boards.


2. You must earn the right to have signatures and PM privileges here by participating and posting. That lets us know you aren't here to just spam and annoy our members.


3. Once you have signature privileges, please don't abuse them. The maximum size for signature images is 500x100. Images should be tasteful and not flash/gaudy/hideous. Also, if you have text in your signature, please do not have more than 3 lines of text. Following these rules will make the site more readable and aesthetically pleasant.


4. Do not use PM to solicit other members. We will consider it spam and/or harassment.


5. Keep conversations civil. We understand that disagreements sometimes occur when a lot of people get together to discuss things. Please do not make any personal attacks, name call, curse, or harass other members. We won't hesitate to suspend or ban members who engage in such behavior.


6. Moderators have the last say in enforcing the rules on this board and keeping the site a pleasant place for our members to visit. Please do not second guess or condemn their actions publicly. If you have a problem with a moderator, please PM them or me (TVFan) and we will discuss things privately. We're reasonable and want to reach the best possible outcome for all our members.


7. For your own safety, please refrain from posting personal information (phone numbers, addresses, etc). You never know who might be watching.


8. No offensive, hateful, illegal, or pornographic material may be posted.


9. Please do not post in all caps. It's annoying... really annoying.


10. Try not to stray too far from the topic being discussed. It's only natural that sometimes discussions get sidetracked, but please don't purposely try to sidetrack topics.


We reserve the right to amend these rules on occasion as the need arises.

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