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Although he's not a regular, I always enjoyed seeing Howard Caine as Major Hochstetter. Leon Askin as General Burkhalter is great too. Both actors were in episodes of The Outer Limits (Caine was in "The Chameleon" and Askin was in "The Inheritors" Part 1), and Caine has been in guest roles in other well known shows such as Get Smart, The Twilight Zone, Gunsmoke, The Untouchables and Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Caine was born in Nashville, and learned not only to erase his accent but also learned 32 different world and American dialects. Upon seeing Hogan's Heroes for the first time I honestly thought he was German. Those who have seen "The Chameleon" and are familiar with his role as Maj. Hochstetter will agree that Caine was chameleon-like himself. Sadly, Mr. Caine is no longer with us, but fortunately his wonderful work in television and film will live on.

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Schultz was probably the fattest sergeant in the German military. Of course, he was loveable though, and it helped that he seemed to grudgingly accept Hogan and co.'s actions, unlike Klink who was more of a stickler. Fortunately Klink was in the dark most of the time. What I find most endearing about Schultz is his complete cowardice, even throwing away his gun when Klink's office was under siege ("Herr Kommandant, I lost my rifle!" LOL).

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I would have to be a conformist and say that Schultz is my favorite. There's just something about him that makes me want to hug him and give him a peice of strudel.

And, of course Klink. The fact that he's so incredibly whipped by Hogan is just so hilarious.


And MaryAnne, it's spelt "schnapps," being as you were wondering.

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