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  1. We often livetweet MeTV's Saturday night lineup, but being on the west coast means fewer, if any, livetweeters. I recently found out that there's an app for Roku called Free2ViewTV. You can watch MeTV out of New Jersey, as well as Cozi, Decades, and a few more. It's still available for the time being, but I've heard the stream might go down in the future, as the distributor is tokenizing the feed. More information is available here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/729165387973823/posts/946981126192247/

  2. You all told us through polls that it made sense to merge with our sister site FanForums.TV, so we did it!  Welcome to our new forums!

    You can register here: https://www.tvyesteryear.com/forums/register/

    Right now you can sign up using your Facebook login or setting up a standard account with username and password. We're working on the functionality to login via Twitter. If you have another social media platform you'd like to login though, please let us know!

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