The Rockford Files Episode Guide

Season One

Episode #TitleAir DateGuest StarsDescriptionWatch Online/Buy
S1, Ep 0Backlash of the Hunter3/27/1974
S1, Ep 1The Kirkoff Case9/13/1974
S1, Ep 2The Dark and Bloody Ground9/20/1974
S1, Ep 3The Countess9/27/1974
S1, Ep 4Exit Prentiss Carr10/4/1974
S1, Ep 5Tall Woman in Red Wagon10/11/1974
S1, Ep 6This Case is Closed10/18/1974
S1, Ep 7The Big Ripoff10/25/1974
S1, Ep 8Find Me If You Can11/1/1974
S1, Ep 9In Pursuit of Carol Thorne11/8/1974
S1, Ep 10The Dexter Crisis11/15/1974
S1, Ep 11Caledonia - It's Worth a Fortune!12/6/1974
S1, Ep 12Profit and Loss, Part 1: Profit12/20/1974
S1, Ep 13Profit and Loss, Part 2: Loss12/27/1974
S1, Ep 14Aura Lee, Farewell1/3/1975
S1, Ep 15Sleight of Hand1/17/1975
S1, Ep 16Counter Gambit1/24/1975
S1, Ep 17Claire1/31/1975
S1, Ep 18Say Goodbye To Jennifer2/7/1975
S1, Ep 19Charlie Harris at Large2/14/1975
S1, Ep 20The Four Pound Brick2/21/1975
S1, Ep 21Just By Accident2/28/1975
S1, Ep 22Roundabout3/7/1975

Season Two

Episode #TitleAir DateGuest StarsDescriptionWatch Online/Buy
S2, E1The Aaron Ironwood School of Success9/12/1975
S2, E2The Farnsworth Stratagem9/19/1975
S2, E3Gearjammers, Part 19/26/1975
S2, E4Gearjammers, Part 210/3/1975
S2, E5The Deep Blue Sleep10/10/1975
S2, E6The Great Blue Lake Land and Development Company10/17/1975
S2, E7The Real Easy Red Dog10/31/1975
S2, E8Resurrection in Black & White11/7/1975
S2, E9Chicken Little Is a Little Chicken11/14/1975
S2, E102 Into 5.56 Won't Go11/21/1975
S2, E11Pastoria Prime Pick11/28/1975
S2, E12The Reincarnation of Angie12/5/1975
S2, E13The Girl in the Bay City Boys Club12/19/1975
S2, E14The Hammer of C Block1/9/1976
S2, E15The No-Cut Contract1/16/1976
S2, E16A Portrait of Elizabeth1/23/1976
S2, E17Joey Blue Eyes1/30/1976
S2, E18In Hazard2/6/1976
S2, E19The Italian Bird Fiasco2/13/1976
S2, E20Where's Houston?2/20/1976
S2, E21Foul on the First Play3/12/1976
S2, E22A Bad Deal in the Valley3/19/1976

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