Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide

Episode #TitleAir DateGuest StarsDescriptionWatch Online/Buy
S1, Ep 1Saga of a Star World9/17/78Lew Ayres, Jane Seymour, Ray Milland, Rick Springfield, Randi OakesThe Cylons annihilate the Twelve Colonies of Man. The battlestar Galactica and 220 other ships still remain and Adama leads them to find a new home. After surviving the minefield in the Nova of Madagon, it is suggested by Sire Uri that they settle on Carillon, but Adama suspects things are too good to be true there and that it's a Cylon trap.Amazon
S1, Ep 2Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 19/24/78Ed Begley, Jr., Jane Seymour, Larry ManettiWhen a serious infection sidelines several of the Colonial Warriors, female shuttle pilots are trained by Starbuck and Apollo to fly Vipers in combat.Amazon
S1, Ep 3Lost Planet of the Gods: Part 210/1/78Ed Begley, Jr., Jane Seymour, Larry ManettiThe refugee fleet discovers their home planet, Kobol.Amazon
S1, Ep 4The Lost Warrior10/8/78Katherine Cannon, Lance LeGault, Claude Earl Jones, Red WestWhile being pursued by Cylon fighters, Apollo crash lands on planet Equellus, a Wild West like planet. The nearby town is under control of a boss named La Certa and "Red Eye", a Cylon centurion turned gunfighter. Apollo takes them on.Amazon
S1, Ep 5The Long Patrol10/15/78
S1, Ep 6Gun on Ice Planet Zero: Part 110/22/78
S1, Ep 7Gun on Ice Planet Zero: Part 210/29/78
S1, Ep 8The Magnificent Warriors11/12/78
S1, Ep 9The Young Lords11/19/78
S1, Ep 10The Living Legend: Part 111/26/78
S1, Ep 11The Living Legend: Part 212/3/78
S1, Ep 12Fire in Space12/17/78
S1, Ep 13War of the Gods: Part 11/14/79
S1, Ep 14War of the Gods: Part 21/21/79
S1, Ep 15The Man with Nine Lives1/28/79
S1, Ep 16Murder on the Rising Star2/18/79
S1, Ep 17Greetings from Earth2/25/79
S1, Ep 18Baltar's Escape3/11/79
S1, Ep 19Experiment in Terra3/18/79
S1, Ep 20Take the Celestra4/1/79
S1, Ep 21The Hand of God4/29/79

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